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A solution for your needs

Sometimes standard is not enough. Maybe you are more advanced or have other data sets you need to analyze but still need Marketing Automation and Analytics in one solution. With Data Talks Custom we build you a customized solution but using building blocks from our Pro solution. This means you can get started in days and not months. The advantages are the same – exceptional growth through data and boosting your profit. Digital lead generation and data driven sales can drive substantial growth and be a huge competitive advantage. Let us explain why this is a C-level topic and how you quickly can see clear results with low investments.

Changing purchasing behaviors are impacting all industries

Regardless if you sell to B2B or B2C, purchasing behaviors have already dramatically changed. More than 85% of all purchases start with an online search or a social media recommendation. In addition to this a majority of purchases also involve multiple digital channels (mobile, online and social media), and of course combined with traditional channels. This new purchasing behavior creates the need for seamless customer journeys across all touch points, with different platforms collecting large amounts of customer data. The shift in purchasing behavior implies that you, as a selling company, must take a new and integrated approach to marketing and sales. 

Nurturing leads to customers and maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Let us dismiss the myth that there are no loyal customers in the digital marketplace. This is wrong – if customers are not loyal it is because you haven’t given them a reason to be. In fact, given the amount of data that your customers leave behind in all your touch points, the time has never been better for you to understand your customers – what they want, when they want it and where they want to talk to you. When you get this right, you convert leads to customers and create loyal customers and maximize the customer lifetime value (CLV).

Collect, Analyze and Act

These steps are then continuously repeated with better results over time.Thanks to SaaS technology, the initial investment in becoming data driven and working with the three steps is relatively small and easily implemented. The reward is not only exceptional market growth, but also a level of retention that your competitors can only dream of.


To be competitive you need to have a digital mind-set and be data driven. Traditional outbound marketing is rapidly becoming obsolete and outperformed by inbound marketing with data at the center. And the stakes are high – if you get this right you will be rewarded with higher MROI and increased efficiency in you marketing and sales. If you get this wrong or postpone investments in new technology and capabilities you will face increasingly declining sales, lower market shares and your customers will chose competitors who are more relevant.

How to get started with Marketing Automation

Be truly data driven

The challenge is to use all this data to your advantage and to be truly data driven. In today’s digital landscape there is only one way to convert prospects into customers and to increase the CLV and that is by presenting relevant offers with relevant products in the right channels with the right timing. This can be achieved by being truly data driven. And the essence of being data driven consist of three steps:

  • Collect data
  • Analyze data
  • Act on the data

Invest in your marketing & sales

It takes three steps to be data driven: collect data, analyze it and act on it. But where do you start? If done right – you start in all three steps at once. Our approach is to simplify the two most difficult steps which are Collecting data and Acting on data. The data generated by customers end up in silos on your website, in your social media channels, your e-mail marketing tool and mobile marketing tool. Gathering all of this can quickly turn into a big, costly, never-ending IT project. That is why we have built Data Talks PRO, a SaaS that does this for you – collect, analyze and act on you customer data. With this our pre-defined algorithms will help you see what actions you should take to offer your customers the right offer, with the right products, in their preferred channel with the right timing.

Your investment is a monthly fee based on the number of contacts you are processing.

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