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Be automated

Marketing Automation is a platform with many features that can make your daily work so much easier and more efficient.

What is Marketing Automation? 

Marketing Automation is a description of software systems built for automating marketing and sales actions. Marketing and sales departments of today can save money, increase efficiency and conversion by automating repetitive or complex tasks such as email campaigns, social media marketing or retargeting and website actions. Marketing Automation systems make these tasks easier.

How can Marketing Automation help you as a company? 

Do you struggle with inefficiency, such as a lot of manual tasks or being irrelevant in your communication? If your answer is ‘yes’, then Marketing Automation is the right tool for you. Marketing Automation can help you to be more efficient, relevant and profitable in your marketing and sales due to its many features.

Some companies we helped work automated

We are proud partner to SALESmanago´s Marketing Automation

SALESmanago is a cloud-based Marketing Automation platform used by over 10,000 companies worldwide handling databases over 300 million customers.


We are proud partner of SALESmanago´s Marketing Automation platform. The platform contains more than 100 features that can make you grow and become more efficient through your customer data. Here are the main features of SALESmanago´s Marketing Automation tools:

  • CRM
  • Communication
  • Marketing Automation Processes
  • A / B testing
  • Integration
  • API
How to get started with Marketing Automation

How do you get started?

Once you decide to start automating your marketing activities with the SALESmanagos Marketing Automation Platform, we will begin our implementation process, which is divided into three steps:

Step 1: Implementation & Integration
Step 2: Identify your digital maturity
Step 3: Perform the selected activities in Step 2 and train users on the platform

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