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Work smarter with Marketing Automation

Working with marketing means that you reach a target audience with a certain message in order to promote your brand. Today, when consumers and businesses have become more and more digital, you can work more efficiently with marketing. Working more efficiently means more automated, more relevant, and more targeted. You can measure results faster and more carefully. Technology is the one that enables this and plays a major role in today’s marketing.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a description of software systems built for automating marketing and sales actions. Marketing and sales departments of today can save money, increase efficiency and conversion by automating repetitive or complex tasks such as email campaigns, social media marketing or retargeting and website actions. Marketing Automation systems make these tasks easier.

How can Marketing Automation help you as a company?

Do you struggle with inefficiency, such as a lot of manual tasks or being irrelevant in your communication? If your answer is ‘yes’, then Marketing Automation is the right tool for you. Marketing Automation can help you to be more efficient, relevant and profitable in your marketing and sales due to its many features.

Automate your marketing activities

By automating your marketing activities, you will be more efficient and have more time left to be creative

Build your Customer Journey with Marketing Automation

A customer journey describes all steps in the purchase process from a customers perspective. What a customer does, how they purchase and how they perceive it.
It is important to understand your customer’s behavior throughout the whole customer journey to succeed with your Marketing Automation. Data Talks will help you to set-up your customer journey in order to create a better customer experience, generate more loyal customers and higher revenue.

To gain a better understanding of how to build your own customer journey read our ebook.

Generate more leads with Marketing Automation

One of many goals for a company is to generate new lead. Why? Because leads lead to new customers, and customers are vital for all companies. Leads is a company’s livelihood and you can have the world’s best product or service, but if nobody knows it, you do not exist. Marketing Automation can help you capture new leads, to get the most interesting leads, and to turn them into becoming Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) that the sales department can process. This process is called Lead Nurturing and you work with features like workflows and sales funnels in a Marketing Automation platform.

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