It’s not about the tool, but rather the problem it solves

Martech is the abbreviation Mar as in Marketing, and Tech as in Technology. Martech is about connecting the technical benefits to solving the marketing challenges.

What is Martech?

Martech is a result of the revolutionary technology development that has taken place over the past decade. The Internet, the mobile phone and social media are some examples that have changed the buying behavior of consumers. Consumers generate huge amounts of data because they are constantly online. This data can, in turn, help marketers to become more relevant in their marketing communications and hence more efficient in their work.


Thanks to the Cloud

It has become easier to handle large amounts of data thanks to the Cloud. The large amounts of data are required to make analyzes that then generate customer insights that the marketer can act directly in the Marketing Automation platform. As data expansions have grown exponentially and due to the many channels (e-mail, web, social media, mobile etc.), today’s marketers need the help of technical systems to handle this.

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Marketing + Technology = Data Talks PRO

Data Talks PRO is our own Saas-solution, which is built to help marketer be smarter in their way of working.
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Consumers require relevant offers

Today’s companies become more relevant and “listen” to their target audience and based on customer behavior communicates correctly. Last but not least, today’s marketers can scale their efforts and measure all efforts more carefully, faster (in real time) and act better with the help of technology.

The biggest benefits of working with Martech are that you can gather data from more sources, analyze data and get better customer overview and insights, act automated and optimize over time with Machine Learning and AI.

Watch the video about Data Talks PRO that collects, analyzes and acts on customer data.