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New technology changes marketing faster than before. Technology can and should be described as a potential for business, of course there are challenges that are usually due to lack of integration between the Martech technologies, see the image to the right. We can help with these challenges, for example

  • Create a working “360 degree customer view”
  • Get the right data in the right quality
  • Retrieve data at the correct update rate
  • Integrate new digital data with existing ones
  • Support resources and shortcomings are lacking

All this can be solved with a number of components, read below.

Your customer data customized for marketers

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What is a Customer Data Platform?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a market-driven controlled system that creates a unified database with detailed data processing and access to customer and brand analysis data. In addition to this, you should have access in many ways from systems such as CRM, DMP, Social, ERP, CMS, e-commerce and Market Automation through different interfaces.

How can a CDP help your business?

  • A unified source of all customer data
  • Get more agile by measuring the impact of marketing activities
  • Create opportunity for actionability through simple sharing of data to systems, apps, partners and customers

Painless data integration

Customer data needs to be integrated in some way before it can be used in a sensible manner. Many data integration solutions require many resources and costly hardware / software to process data, such as ETL tools or solutions for Big Data integration.

New modern solutions build on the cloud and provide benefits with the possibility of “Serverless computing” offering, for example. efficiency and scalability without having to take responsibility for infrastructure.

How can a modern “Data Engine” help your business?

  • GDPR Secure Integration
  • Effective platform for developers without downtime
  • Minor components, nothing to manage and maintain other than code
  • Lower costs, pay only for use
  • Flexible code environment, built for micro-services architecture

The end of nightly batch job

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